Getting Started with Consumer Directed Services (CDS) and In-Home Care


In our Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program, YOU are in charge of your own care. You choose and hire your attendant; it can even be a friend or family member.


Our In-Home services (IHS) program sends highly trained nurses and caregivers to your home to manage your healthcare needs.


Our transportation services provide you with the support you need to handle your non-emergent appointments and errands. Examples include: post office, grocery store, and pharmacy.

Not sure what’s best for you? Contact our staff and let us help you decide.

Our Service Area


Gold = In-Home and CDS

Navy Blue = CDS Only

White = No Services in that Area

Service Map zoomed in
Caregiver assists an elderly woman on a couch

Questions or Concerns?

Have questions about our services, how to become a caregiver, or want to learn more? We are here and happy to answer all questions and concerns!

Are you looking to switch your care to Blue Skies? Switching is a simple process!